Proverbs Challenge: One Chapter A Day

Proverbs Challenge

Proverbs Challenge

As I was scrolling down my Instagram today, I came across a post that contained a picture about a “Proverbs Challenge”. Now I usually do not hop on the bandwagon with a lot of things of today, like The Cinnamon Challenge, The Marley Challenge, Planking, etc. But this one here I had to do.

The point of this to “challenge” you to read one chapter a day of the book of Proverbs from the Bible. There are 31 days in the month of July and 31 Chapters in the book of Proverbs. So each day of the month will go with one chapter. I believe the best thing to learn about, to read up on, and fully understand is our God, and his ways. Proverbs is a great book, although it does not really have a plot or story outline, it has short sayings that are easy to understand with how to live not only a happy life, but a life that is pleasing to God. It is filled with so much of Gods wisdom, having discipline, as well as knowledge, and I love it.

I encourage everyone to read this book, and take part in this challenge. I know it can be a bit overwhelming for those that are not really Bible readers, to take in an understand, but the more you read and cross reference the more comfortable you will become. My bestfriend Brian introduced me to the NLT Version of the Bible, a few years back, which you can access on any Bible App. It is basically the Bible in plain English…literally. Opposed to reading in KJV or even NIV it is much more simple to understand and take in. And if I still have some confusion about what I read I reach out to other Bible readers or cross reference on Google, which I mentioned before.

I promise that partaking in this challenge will bless your life. Why not learn how to live a successful, happy, and prosperous life with simple directions straight from the Man himself? If you choose to join in, please keep in mind, that although reading the Bible is a great thing, taking in the information to be an intentional learner and applying it to your everyday life is even better!! You will not be the same after this. Your view on the world as well as others will change.

so…who’s with me?? I will blogging everyday for every chapter. I recommend reading as many chapters a day you can handle. This is because it is now July 6th, so only until you catch up. Then 1 day a day to stay on track. I will read all 6 tonight because I love the book that much. Well I’m excited about this and how many Ladies I have brought on board so far.

Lets do this



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