Her Lost Soul: Part 1

Real Life, Real Thoughts, Real Me

She walked to stereo and plugged in the one song that spoke everything in her mind. Full blast it played on repeat, reminding her of her thoughts. Alone, in a place she knew nothing about. Drained, confused, and unsure of life. Stuck day in and day out between four walls, staring in a floor length mirror that bared all. There she was, the women that everyone thought had it all. The women that so many envyed, and secretly wanted to be. The women that no one knew was tired, and lost.

She stood there, in a daze, just staring. Staring at the woman she had come to be. Staring deep into her mind, her soul. Her body was limp, and her hair was all over. Her eyes were the color of blood, hung low and carried bags underneath. Her arms dangled effortlessly by the side of her fragile body. Her…

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