My Christmas Present: Crockpot


Crockpot Brand Crockpot

Ok so I know Im super late, but the New Year has been busy! (Yaaaaay, all good things, all good things)

Well for Christmas I told my Husband all I wanted was a Crockpot. I pointed it out in Wal-Mart, once, and he kept it moving. When I came home from visiting family, what was waiting there????


It is Crockpot Brand, and I must say I am VERY pleased with it! I used it the day after I opened it, and I must admit I am OBSESSED. To be able to cook dinner while Im at work. Oh my word, whoever cane up firth that is pure genius I tell you…GENIUS.

So what did I cook, you ask? A WHOLE….FROZEN…..CHICKEN! And it was so delicious my Husband was picking before I could carve it up.


Frozen Chicken, Seasoned.

I had a frozen chicken in the freezer I had no clue what I was going to do with it, so when I got my crockpot I looked up some recipes and seen many of chicken. So I took a whack at it. I simply season the chicken, placed it inside the pot, plugged it up, placed it on High, and left out for work! I cooked it for 5 hours

During cooking I had my Husband check on it once, in about the 4th hour of cooking. And it looked pretty good. I could see it making its own juice, and that made me oh so excited.


When I got home close to 6:30. I checked the chicken, and it was AMAZING! Not only did it have my whole house smelling so good, but it had my Husband sticking his greedy fingers in it.

It was just falling off the bone so effortlessly! And so JUICY! YUUMMMM


All done!

I turned it off, unplugged it. Let it cool a little, and began carving. I served with string beans, and mac and cheese. It was delicious!

I had left over chicken, and I put it in soup! I’ll post that in a few days!



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