2015 Goal

To post more!!!

I’m so terrible with posting onto this blog, it’s really pitiful. I read others post all the time but can’t seem to type up mine.

Besides the fact that Im dead as a damn corpse tired after working with those bratty, spoiled kids all day, but I’m worn out for having a nerve to come home and deal with two of my own. Need I mind you I have ONE literal child, so yes the other would be my Husband.

Life is busy and tiring as hell, and although writing is my way of release I been slacking so bad! The number of drafts I have in my “Post” section, because mid writing my kid decided I’m her damn jungle gym, or she wants to glue herself under me. Or because my dear Husband decides he wants to dry hump me, or just lay his big ass on my body is a disgrace. Ugh

So in 2015 I, Slim PROMISES to do better in blogging. See I’m already dead butt tired writing this blog, in the bed half sleep, eyes burning, with my kid kicking me in the uterus constantly screaming mommy in my face, to erase the paint from her LeapPad!

Heeeeeeyyyy Im already winning! OWE!

I want you guys to hold me to it, if I’m not coming through. Got it?



2 thoughts on “2015 Goal

  1. Go easy on yourself Momma! The words will come, never at the right time, but they will. 😉 I have a pen and pad of paper pretty much always at arms length to jot down ideas that flock to me at all the wrong times. Making sense of those thoughts when I do find the time to wrote is another story! I laughed so hard at your ‘husband dry humping me’ comment. I have one of those too. Its like you finally get a minute to yourself and he comes along and demands it for himself. Ugh!

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