Proverbs Challenge: One Chapter A Day

Proverbs Challenge

Proverbs Challenge

As I was scrolling down my Instagram today, I came across a post that contained a picture about a “Proverbs Challenge”. Now I usually do not hop on the bandwagon with a lot of things of today, like The Cinnamon Challenge, The Marley Challenge, Planking, etc. But this one here I had to do.

The point of this to “challenge” you to read one chapter a day of the book of Proverbs from the Bible. There are 31 days in the month of July and 31 Chapters in the book of Proverbs. So each day of the month will go with one chapter. I believe the best thing to learn about, to read up on, and fully understand is our God, and his ways. Proverbs is a great book, although it does not really have a plot or story outline, it has short sayings that are easy to understand with how to live not only a happy life, but a life that is pleasing to God. It is filled with so much of Gods wisdom, having discipline, as well as knowledge, and I love it.

I encourage everyone to read this book, and take part in this challenge. I know it can be a bit overwhelming for those that are not really Bible readers, to take in an understand, but the more you read and cross reference the more comfortable you will become. My bestfriend Brian introduced me to the NLT Version of the Bible, a few years back, which you can access on any Bible App. It is basically the Bible in plain English…literally. Opposed to reading in KJV or even NIV it is much more simple to understand and take in. And if I still have some confusion about what I read I reach out to other Bible readers or cross reference on Google, which I mentioned before.

I promise that partaking in this challenge will bless your life. Why not learn how to live a successful, happy, and prosperous life with simple directions straight from the Man himself? If you choose to join in, please keep in mind, that although reading the Bible is a great thing, taking in the information to be an intentional learner and applying it to your everyday life is even better!! You will not be the same after this. Your view on the world as well as others will change.

so…who’s with me?? I will blogging everyday for every chapter. I recommend reading as many chapters a day you can handle. This is because it is now July 6th, so only until you catch up. Then 1 day a day to stay on track. I will read all 6 tonight because I love the book that much. Well I’m excited about this and how many Ladies I have brought on board so far.

Lets do this



As A Woman

As a woman I want to first and foremost be acknowledged, not only as a woman, but a woman of God. A woman that tries to live her life the right way.

As a woman, I want to be respected. I want to be loved, and adored. As a woman I want honesty. I want to be appreciated. I want to know that without a doubt the one who has my heart, has genuinely given me thiers as well. I want to be with someone who is LOYAL, TRUSTWORTHY, UNDERSTANDING, and CARING. As a woman I want to be able to be myself around this person. Share myself as whole, without feeling ashamed.

As a women I want the one I trust with my life, to not ruin it. To not tear it down, or apart, to handle it gently, and with care. As a woman I want to move with confidence, live with peace and joy.

As a woman I not only want to be loved, but love. Freely! I want to be the one a person can call, talk to, want. As a woman I want to support, encourage, build with someone. Stay true to someone. I want to let down every barrier. Throw away every negative thought in my mind. Stand tall next to someone, that is not afraid to stand tall next to me.

As a woman, I want to succeed. To accomplish any and everything I possibly can. As a woman, I want to make a difference. Take on the world even if Im standing alone to do so. I want to be a support system to those connected to me. An example, an encouraging friend/love one. As a woman I want to share my strength.

As a woman, I want to stand firm on my beliefs. I want to respect myself, and maintain my values and morals. I want to live how I want to live, which is RIGHT. Be
FREE from any negativity, drama, foolishness. I want to respect all, and continue to keep my name good.

As a woman, I want to be the best mother to my daughter I can possibly be. As a woman I want to show her, right from wrong. I want to instill God in her. Instill love. As a woman I want to go the extra mile to give her the world plus more. I want to set a great example of a strong, caring, hardworking, dedicated, God fearing woman! I want to be someone she looks up to. Someone she raves about, and is proud of.

As a woman….in life, I just want to be all around happy. As woman….I deserve just that.


Her Lost Soul: Part 1

Real Life, Real Thoughts, Real Me

She walked to stereo and plugged in the one song that spoke everything in her mind. Full blast it played on repeat, reminding her of her thoughts. Alone, in a place she knew nothing about. Drained, confused, and unsure of life. Stuck day in and day out between four walls, staring in a floor length mirror that bared all. There she was, the women that everyone thought had it all. The women that so many envyed, and secretly wanted to be. The women that no one knew was tired, and lost.

She stood there, in a daze, just staring. Staring at the woman she had come to be. Staring deep into her mind, her soul. Her body was limp, and her hair was all over. Her eyes were the color of blood, hung low and carried bags underneath. Her arms dangled effortlessly by the side of her fragile body. Her…

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My Christmas Present: Crockpot


Crockpot Brand Crockpot

Ok so I know Im super late, but the New Year has been busy! (Yaaaaay, all good things, all good things)

Well for Christmas I told my Husband all I wanted was a Crockpot. I pointed it out in Wal-Mart, once, and he kept it moving. When I came home from visiting family, what was waiting there????


It is Crockpot Brand, and I must say I am VERY pleased with it! I used it the day after I opened it, and I must admit I am OBSESSED. To be able to cook dinner while Im at work. Oh my word, whoever cane up firth that is pure genius I tell you…GENIUS.

So what did I cook, you ask? A WHOLE….FROZEN…..CHICKEN! And it was so delicious my Husband was picking before I could carve it up.


Frozen Chicken, Seasoned.

I had a frozen chicken in the freezer I had no clue what I was going to do with it, so when I got my crockpot I looked up some recipes and seen many of chicken. So I took a whack at it. I simply season the chicken, placed it inside the pot, plugged it up, placed it on High, and left out for work! I cooked it for 5 hours

During cooking I had my Husband check on it once, in about the 4th hour of cooking. And it looked pretty good. I could see it making its own juice, and that made me oh so excited.


When I got home close to 6:30. I checked the chicken, and it was AMAZING! Not only did it have my whole house smelling so good, but it had my Husband sticking his greedy fingers in it.

It was just falling off the bone so effortlessly! And so JUICY! YUUMMMM


All done!

I turned it off, unplugged it. Let it cool a little, and began carving. I served with string beans, and mac and cheese. It was delicious!

I had left over chicken, and I put it in soup! I’ll post that in a few days!


Girls unfair expectations


I think we all know those girls who have just started going out with their new boyfriend (probably the fourth this week-but that’s beside the point!) and thus the expectations have began.

Day in and day out I see multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, of girls talking about their boyfriends and not what they have done right, but everything they have done wrong!

Your boyfriend didn’t send you a “good morning beautiful” text?, it’s the end of the world, he must be cheating on you with another girl. Because that is the only logical reason. He definitely wasn’t sleeping because that wouldn’t make sense at all! Be logical maybe your boy is sleeping because you kept him up all night texting!

Your boyfriend didn’t buy you a giant teddy bear or a Pandora bracelet for Christmas? wow I feel so sorry for you! Did you ever…

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2015 Goal

To post more!!!

I’m so terrible with posting onto this blog, it’s really pitiful. I read others post all the time but can’t seem to type up mine.

Besides the fact that Im dead as a damn corpse tired after working with those bratty, spoiled kids all day, but I’m worn out for having a nerve to come home and deal with two of my own. Need I mind you I have ONE literal child, so yes the other would be my Husband.

Life is busy and tiring as hell, and although writing is my way of release I been slacking so bad! The number of drafts I have in my “Post” section, because mid writing my kid decided I’m her damn jungle gym, or she wants to glue herself under me. Or because my dear Husband decides he wants to dry hump me, or just lay his big ass on my body is a disgrace. Ugh

So in 2015 I, Slim PROMISES to do better in blogging. See I’m already dead butt tired writing this blog, in the bed half sleep, eyes burning, with my kid kicking me in the uterus constantly screaming mommy in my face, to erase the paint from her LeapPad!

Heeeeeeyyyy Im already winning! OWE!

I want you guys to hold me to it, if I’m not coming through. Got it?


Can I Get A ‘Hell Yeah’ For Mediocre Parenting?!



Wine or be the judge. Wine or coffee…you be the judge.

I admit it. I was one of those moms that said, “my kid will never …” I thought I had a say in how my kid’s personalities would form. I ridiculously assumed that because I am their mother, that would be enough to make them obey. And right about now, Karma has raised her hand and is bitch slapping my righteous ass.

I’ve written before about my sassy baby girl. I’ve told you how she speaks her mind and is too smart for her own good. It’s true what they say, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree and oh my Lawd that child has an attitude I hate to recognize. Most days I feel like I am dealing with a PMSing five year old. Her refusal to simply do as she is told makes my blood boil to a temperature hot enough…

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